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Eco Scale Blue

Immediate dissolution of lime-scale in toilet bowls, urinals and drains


Eco Scale Blue

Gradual build-up of insoluble scale (lime scale and uric scale) is a very common problem in urinals and toilet bowls, especially in areas with hard water. In extreme cases it can cause even pipe blockage.
Eco Scale Blue is a product which was developed to provide technical solutions to clean up drains and pipe lines in difficult to access areas, fowled with water scale and organics. It can be used essentially as a preventative maintenance concept but can also be utilized to cure existing deposits in pipes. It is also compatible with septic tanks and waste water treatments.


Descaling of toilet bowls, toilet systems, urinals, drains and lines (especially in hard-water areas). Ideal for houses, hotels, restaurants, nursing houses, schools, camping sites etc.

Totally compatible with septic tanks and waste water treatments. It can be combined with other ecozymes products:

Septi PlusEco UriblockEco Deep Clean.


Eco Scale Blue is a powdered formulation based on chemical descalers, bacterial strains and enzymes specifically produced to clean up drains and pipe lines fouled with scale and organic matters and prevent them from new build-up.
Lime scale is essentially a mixture of calcium and magnesium carbonate mixed with other salts of anions commonly found in tap water such as sulphate.
Urine itself is relatively odorless, but bacteria present in the urinal environment degrade urine components to produce strongly smelling molecules, resulting in the characteristic ammonia-like odor.

The product contains:

  • Two acidic components to dissolve the scale and clean the toilet. Acids convert the insoluble carbonate into soluble citrate and acetate respectively, thus removing the line scale. The acidic components have been modified to be in compliance with the EU regulation.
  • A biological component to degrade the organic material eliminating the malodor and preventing from new build up.
  • A dye to get a nice blue color when the product is dropped in the toilet bowl.

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