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Eco Grease Guard

Grease separator maintainer. Natural bio-enzymatic product which degrades buildup, prevents drain line blockages, excessive pumping and malodors.


Eco Grease Guard

Natural bio-enzymatic product which degrades grease buildup, prevents drain line blockages, excessive pumping and malodors in grease separators.

Grease separator maintenance is a necessity for smooth kitchen operations.

Maintaining the grease separator properly doesn’t have to be costly, time-consuming process. Eco Grease Guard is a natural product with patented beneficial microorganism that augments the natural process already at work in the grease separator. Eco Grease Guard helps degrade buildup, reducing problems such as drain line blockages, excessive pumping, and malodors. Eco Grease Guard takes the worry out of grease separator maintenance and helps keep the kitchen running smoothly.


Ideal for grease separators maintenance in restaurants, hotels, camping, patisserie, catering, fast food, grocery stores, small food processing industries etc.

Totally compatible with septic tanks and waste water treatments.

It can be combined with other Ecozymes’ products: Septi Plus.

Eco Grease Guard is a natural product, not toxic, non harmful which contains strictly non-pathogenic micro-organisms for specific treatment of grease traps. With its patented microbial technology for long-lasting performance prevent buildup by continuously degrading a broad range of fat, oil, and grease (FOG), as well as other food organics, even under harsh or low-pH conditions.

It helps reduce grease interceptor odors by continuously breaking down the odorous volatile fatty acids and odor-causing organics in the grease interceptor.


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