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Eco Uriblock

Treatment of malodors and prevention of scale deposits in urinals.


Eco Uriblock

Eco Uriblock is a product which offers an effective biological treatment against malodors and prevention of deposits and scale formation in urinals. Participates in preventing blockages in urinal pipes.

It is based on non-pathogenic micro-organisms and enzymes specifically designed to effectively maintain urinals.

Eco Uriblock is packaged in biological tablets. Each tablet comes with a screen which fits with the majority of urinals and helps keep the product clean.

Each tablet lasts 6.000 flashes.

Ideal for treatment of malodors and prevention of scale deposits in urinals of all public places, companies, hotels, restaurants, cafes, conference rooms etc.

Totally compatible with septic tanks and waste water treatments.

It can be combined with other Ecozymes’ products: Septi PlusEco Scale Blue, Eco Deep Clean.


Eco Uriblock is a blue, cylindrical tablet with screen with a herbal perfume.


Box with 12 tablets with screen (aprox. 100 gr.)


  • Concentrated formulation for effective biological treatment against odors and prevention of deposits and scale formation.
  • Rapid and reinforced action due the joint presence of beneficial microorganisms (sustained action) and enzymes (immediate action).
  • Long tablet life-time: lasts 6000 flushes
  • Natural product which respects the environment
  • Totally risk-free handling: product neither toxic nor harmful
  • Does not harm flora in septic and holding tanks
  • Reinforces purifying bacterial flora of natural environs
  • Excellent product stability and shelf life
  • Totally compatible with all products of the line-up
  • Respects flora in pipes, downstream installations
  • Participates in preventing blockages in urinal pipes

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