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Biological product for collection system maintenance. Degrades fats, prevents drains, sewer pipe lines from blockages and reduces odors.



Ecosocks is a biological product which controls FOG buildup, reducing blockages and simplifying collection system maintenance.

It contains an advanced blend of microorganisms specially selected to give Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) treatment solutions.

FOG control and buildup removal are best achieved through long-term continuous use. Depending on flow rates and FOG loading in the collection system, Ecosocks’ technology can more than double the time between cleanings and eliminate hot spots where FOG has a tendency to accumulate.

It is ideal for cleaning municipal sewer pipe lines, pump stations, wells, septic tanks, etc.



  • It liquefies and degrades FOG.
  • It reduces significantly the frequency between cleaning and maintenance procedures in sewer pipe lines, pump stations and grease collection wells.
  • Reduces malodors caused by FOG concentration.
  • Biological product with no caustic soda.
  • Biodegradable product for environmental protection.

Ecosocks FOG control technology promotes fatty acid degradation using a synergistic blend of microorganisms selected for high rates of organic digestion along with additives to enhance the biodegradation. FOG is composed of triglycerides. Ecosocks break the triglycerides into glycerol and short-chain fatty acids, both of which are biologically degraded. In addition, the Ecosocks’ components are lipophilic, so they will attach to grease deposits, increasing the rate of degradation.

The partial breakdown of grease causes the pH to drop due to the release of fatty acids, creating an environment that is inhibitory to most bacteria. However, Ecosocks are active at low pH levels. Furthermore, the addition of Ecosocks alleviates problems with low pH by breaking down both short- and long-chain fatty acids, thus maintaining an environment more amenable to active microbial degradation.

When applied within sewer systems, Ecosocks can be used to alleviate sewer overflows due to FOG buildup and blockages. Regular use of Ecosocks can prevent the buildup of FOG in the sewer line and in lift stations, helping to prevent pump and sensor fouling and collection system odors caused by FOG buildup.


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