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How can we clean up the limescale in toilet bowls easily and fast without the use of dangerous caustic or chlorinated cleaners?

Eco Scale Blue is an environmentally friendly product that helps keep toilets, urinals and pipes clean by removing calcium deposits without using harsh chemicals.

How can we keep toilet drains always clean and odorless?

Our natural, ecological product Eco Deep clean is a liquid with pleasant fragrance. It contains non-pathogenic microorganisms that

Does drains and piping of your home or business smell?

Malodor in drains is a very serious and troublesome problem especially for business premises, restaurants and hotels.

Caustic Potash (Potassium hydroxide) – 5 reasons not to use it

Caustic potash is a strong base that has a devastating effect on organic materials. It is highly corrosive and very dangerous to human health.

Representatives requested in Cyprus

Due to our ever growing network and clientele we are in constant seeking of distributors in Cyprus.


Get rid of all sewage system problems, NOW is the right time!

If you own a hotel, rental rooms or a cottage and you face sewage system problems (not absorbing septic tanks, malodorous drains etc.) NOW is the right time to solve all problems and welcome the new touristic season with clean system. Pour microorganisms into your septic tank and drains and let them grow throughout winter and clean everything up.

Ecozymes’ presentation in media

Informing the public about our ecological products is a priority in Ecozymes. Read what the famous sites, and write about us in the links below:

Welcome to new Ecozymes’ website!

We welcome you to our new, responsive and completely revamped website. With this site we aim to bring our new visitors closer to our wide range of products and keep our loyal customers up-to-date with news, information, and special offers as well as with latest developments in the biotechnology products we represent.

Representatives requested

Due to our ever growing network and clientele we are in constant seeking of distributors in all Greece and in the following countries:

Ecology Now!

Most of touristic part of Greece, many villages and almost all northern and eastern Attica suffer from a lack of sewerage network. Many touristic businesses and all households in these areas have septic tanks or sewage systems and facing many problems in cleaning and maintaining these systems. People don’t know how to handle sewer systems’ malfunction and pay a lot of money to clean and maintain their systems, usually by empting the septic tanks.

Green revolution

Planet earth is continuously being destroyed by the human actions. We need great individual and collective effort, through our daily life, in order to eliminate the damage caused. Green logic should become a way of life.

Waste is an endless resource of pollution and devalorisation and Ecozymes has the solutions for the ecological treatment of waste.

Read the relevant article by clicking here.

Problems caused from Saronikos oil spill. We can help you.

Our revolutionary cleaner Oil Eater can become your ally in the battle of cleaning the shores and machines from the oil spill.


How to eliminate malodor after fire

The smell of smoke is often hard to get rid of. It lingers on clothes, furniture, carpets, walls, and even in the air. This is because smoke contains many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are very difficult to remove, and can take weeks to be completely eliminated.

Ecosocks – Pump stations maintenance (cleaning and protection)

Is your pump station full of grease and your pump is malfunctioning? The solution to your problem is called Ecosocks.


Was the oil spilled out of your tank?

If oil spills out of the tank and floods your space, we can help you. With our product Oil Eater you can easily clean all the oil and any other difficult oily stain from your place.

Eco Grease Guard – For cleaner grease separators

If you are tired from bad odor and frequent emptying of your grease separator we can help. Our product Eco Grease Guard eliminates malodor and makes you empty the

Eco Drain Easy – No more blockages and malodor in kitchen drains

Our new product Eco Drain Easy releases you from kitchen drains blockages and malodor. It is a liquid you apply in kitchen sink every night. It degrades grease deposits from

No more floodings thanks to the new Antiflooding Turtle

Our new product Antiflooding Turtle is a world-wide Greek patent that prevents your place from flooding (balcony, courtyard, roof etc.).


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