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Get rid of all sewage system problems, NOW is the right time!

Get rid of all sewage system problems, NOW is the right time!

If you own a hotel, rental rooms or a cottage and you face sewage system problems (not absorbing septic tanks, malodorous drains etc.) NOW is the right time to solve all problems and welcome the new touristic season with clean system. Pour microorganisms into your septic tank and drains and let them grow throughout winter and clean everything up.

Our natural product Septi Plus will break down all accumulated sludge and fats in septic tanks, restore absorbability, reduce odors and purify water in septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, drains, wells, siphons, boat toilets, grease traps, etc.

In addition, during winter the water evaporates from drains leaving fats inside them causing malodor. Our ecological product Eco Deep Clean, a liquid with nice fragrance, will break down fats and all organic substances leaving perfectly clean drains ready for the next touristic season.

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