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Ecology Now!

Ecology Now!

Most of touristic part of Greece, many villages and almost all northern and eastern Attica suffer from a lack of sewerage network. Many touristic businesses and all households in these areas have septic tanks or sewage systems and facing many problems in cleaning and maintaining these systems. People don’t know how to handle sewer systems’ malfunction and pay a lot of money to clean and maintain their systems, usually by empting the septic tanks.

The above problems are mainly due to the lack of knowledge of the way that septic tanks anta sewage systems operate. The "easy way" which is the use of chemical and caustic products combined with the ignorance and/or unconcern of local authorities and individualσ leads to the destruction of septic tanks and the sewage systems.
The main reason for the destruction of the septic tanks and the sewage systems is the inexplicable use of chlorine and its by-products, caustic potash, various chemical and caustic products, disinfectants and antibacterial cleaning products. As far as the subsoil and the water table are concerned, pollution is immeasurable.

Our company comes to fill the big information gap on the proper and ecological waste management and solves the above problems. It provides consultancy services and integrated ecological solutions for the decomposition and treatment of organic waste using biotechnology products. We offer ready-to-install stainless steel sewage systems for domestic use and big systems for industrial use. We treat clogged septic tanks and sewage systems using biotechnology products made up of micro-organisms. These products degrades organic waste, reduce odor and enable the use of waste treated for underground irrigation.

Additionally our company provides solutions to problems dealing with the entire sewerage system such us clogged pipelines, pump stations full with grease, grease separators etc. by using biotechnology products suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and surfaces.

Proper management and treatment of organic waste not only protects the environment but also our pocket, turning an annoying problem into a useful one. Our company contributes to this field with great success for over than 14 years.


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